Hair transplant center in Nice,
for hair, beard and eyebrow implants

The doctor at the Clinique du Carré d’Or holds a European inter-university diploma in the treatment of baldness and is affiliated with the Hair Transplant Center in Nice: Clinique Le Carré d’Or. He dedicates his practice to patients who want to enhance their appearance, prevent the effects of aging, or address any potential complexes.

You should know that genetic heredity, stress, vitamin or nutritional deficiency, etc. can explain hair loss. These different circumstances mean that today, more than 60% of men and women are affected by hair problems.

To relieve people who suffer from hair loss, a thinning beard, or poorly defined eyebrows, Doctor Brun has created a specialized hair transplant center in the heart of Nice, near the Promenade des Anglais. in non-invasive and non-painful hair implant techniques.

Indeed, the numerous innovations in medicine today make it possible to effectively and lastingly correct hair, beard, and eyebrow deficiencies, without having to resort to hospitalization. From now on you can regain dense and natural hair, thanks to grafting techniques whose post-operative consequences are simplified and the healing process is shortened.

Do not hesitate to contact the hair transplant center in Nice, the Clinique du Carré d’Or, to find out more about the FUE, DHI, and Saphir FUE hair implant techniques, which offer truly exceptional results.

Aesthetic clinic in Nice,
for a hair transplant with guaranteed results

Hair transplantation (or hair implants) is the solution to no longer suffer from baldness or forehead line recession.

Doctor Brun, a doctor at the Aesthetic Clinic in Nice, Le Carré d’Or, is an expert in micro hair transplant techniques. Holding a European inter-university diploma in the treatment of baldness, he offers his various know-how to rectify all types of defects in the hair, eyebrows, and beard.

Extremely conscientious and with advanced technological surgical equipment, Doctor Brun performs hair transplants whose hair transplantation procedure perfectly complies with all international standards and requirements.

For a hair transplant with guaranteed and strikingly natural results, before any intervention, Doctor Brun carries out a careful diagnosis of the donor and recipient area and defines the hair transplant technique most suited to your hair loss problem ( FUE graft, DHI, Saphir FUE…).

Opting for our aesthetic clinic in Nice also means choosing an establishment that follows strict specifications and ensures quality post-operative follow-up. This regular monitoring carried out over several months is indeed essential to take charge of the hair regrowth process and thus guarantee the success of the implantation. Unfortunately these days, many so-called “cheap” clinics offer post-operative follow-up through a simple exchange of emails.

If you would like to know more about our interventions for a hair transplant with guaranteed results, we invite you to contact our aesthetic clinic in Nice: Le Carré d’Or.

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