Treating receding hairline in a man with hair implants in Nice

The receding of the forehead line is common, but complicated to live with for many men. Often associated with the first signs of baldness, the receding of the forehead line in a man begins at the temples, and then hair loss ends up making the forehead line asymmetrical.

Although an asymmetrical line may be a natural hairline for some people; for others, a family history of baldness, excessive styling constant wearing of hats or caps, etc. can cause hair loss at the temples and forehead.

But whatever the cause of a receding hairline, it is important to treat this hair loss quickly.

Doctor Brun, an expert in hair implants in Nice, offers to treat receding hairline in men and women.

To replace the patient’s lost hair, he takes follicular units from the occipital region (donor area where hair never falls) and implants them in each of the balding areas of the temples and forehead. In order to guarantee a result close to perfection, he uses the FUE hair implant technique and uses innovative surgical tools whose blade tips are made of sapphire ore.

Minimally invasive and painless, this hair implant technique is carried out under local anesthesia in the aesthetic clinic in Nice, Le Carré d’Or. It allows the regrowth of dense and natural hair, leaves no scars, and significantly reduces the healing process.

If you are considering treating the receding hairline, we invite you to contact the Clinique du Carrée d’Or which specializes in hair implants in Nice.

Book an appointment with our hair surgery specialists for a free hair transplant consultation!

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