frequently asked questions

There is no specific age for performing a hair transplant. But we recommend carrying out a hair transplant when hair loss begins to stabilize, i.e. not before the age of 30.
A hair graft is a small fragment of scalp which is taken to perform a transplant.
In France, the price of a hair transplant can vary considerably. It is essential to establish a diagnosis which aims to evaluate the number of grafts you need, and thus to determine the precise cost of a transplant.
A hair transplant carried out in Turkey can be less expensive than a hair transplant carried out in a French clinic. On the other hand, deciding to have a transplant done by a doctor in France assures you of the quality of a transplant and follow-up.
Transplanted hair whitens, ages and falls out like natural hair.
Nowadays a hair transplant is no longer painful. Opting for the FUE Saphir technique will only cause itching for a few days.
A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure and its results are definitive.
6 months after a hair transplant, you can appreciate the results.
It is recommended to have hair implants carried out in a recognized clinic. The expertise of a renowned doctor ensures the quality of a hair transplant.

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