Beard and mustache transplant in an aesthetic clinic in Nice

Since the beard and mustache symbolize masculinity, many men consider follicular unit transplantation to treat hair loss increase the density of their beard, or provide more hair for their mustache.

Indeed, beard and mustache transplantation is the perfect response to alopecia problems or a need to camouflage an acne or accidental scar.

At the aesthetic clinic in Nice, Le Carré d’Or, Doctor Brun offers his expertise to carry out beard and mustache implants on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. During a beard and mustache transplant procedure in an aesthetic clinic in Nice, he manually extracts thousands of hair follicles from the donor area located at the back of the head or on the nape of the neck, in order to re-implant the grafts on the bald or sparse recipient area of the face.

Doctor Brun’s experience and his perfect mastery of FUE techniques guarantee excellent results, with the regrowth of a natural beard or mustache, full and adapted to the features of your face. The micro grafting technique he uses is an advanced graft transplantation method that causes no pain and no scarring. No signs of cosmetic surgery will be visible on your face, so no one will be able to suspect that you have had a beard and mustache transplant in a cosmetic clinic. Following a hair transplant procedure you will find a provided hair system, which will allow you to sculpt your beard and mustache as you wish.

If you are considering a beard and mustache transplant, we invite you to contact our aesthetic clinic in Nice: Le Carré d’Or.

Book an appointment with our hair surgery specialists for a free hair transplant consultation!

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