Hair diagnosis in a hair transplant clinic in Nice in Alpes Maritimes

Baldness or hair loss causes real trauma in women and young men. Our hair transplant clinic in Nice in the Alpes Maritimes offers several techniques that allow the regrowth of natural, dense hair.

During a first consultation in our clinic in Nice, Doctor Brun carries out a complete hair diagnosis which aims to analyze your baldness, your alopecia or your hair loss, in order to define the hair transplant technique which is suitable for you. your problem and bald areas.

The hair diagnosis is a clinical examination which allows the precise analysis of your scalp, your hair fiber and your bulbs. This internal and external “inventory” which must be carried out before any hair transplant procedure, provides clear and detailed answers on the hair situation of a donor area and a recipient area.

Once the hair diagnosis has been carried out in our hair transplant clinic in Nice, if you have no contraindication to local anesthesia or a transplant, Doctor Brun can schedule an intervention to correct the deficiencies in your scalp.

After carrying out your hair diagnosis, he will take advantage of this consultation to explain in detail the protocol and the procedure of an intervention which is carried out in our hair transplant clinic in Nice, and will also present to you the results that can be achieved. .

Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment for a hair diagnosis in our hair transplant clinic in Nice in Alpes Maritimes.

Book an appointment with our hair surgery specialists for a free hair transplant consultation!

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