Hair transplant for women in Nice, for incipient baldness

In France, around 2 million women suffer from baldness. Associated with a loss of femininity, baldness is a real trauma for women who suffer from it. Incipient baldness often starts with a thinning of the hair, then, increasingly dull, thin, and soft, the scalp eventually becomes visible.

Female pattern baldness is often hormonal or hereditary, but hair loss can also be due to stress, overwork, fatigue, iron deficiency, taking medication, brushing too hard, applying hair. ‘extensions; baldness can also appear after childbirth or after menopause…

In recent years in France, we have observed a real boom in hair implants among women. No longer able to bear having thinning hair, hair transplant procedures for women are becoming more and more frequent. In the eyes of a woman, hair transplantation provides a real solution to the real aesthetic drama she is experiencing.

To allow hair regrowth in balding areas, Doctor Brun, who practices at the Clinique du Carré d’Or, offers hair transplant procedures for women in Nice. The FUE Saphir hair implant technique, carried out under local anesthesia, is a non-invasive and extremely precise method that consists of extracting “without trauma” follicles located in a donor area, and then reimplantation of the grafts in the bald area. This method allows the replanted hair to maintain its shape, volume, and color.

Without any suture, micro hair transplantation for women in Nice does not cause any scarring and results in the regrowth of dense, natural hair.

Following incipient baldness, if you wish to carry out a hair transplant in our aesthetic clinic in Nice, do not hesitate to call us to arrange an appointment.

Book an appointment with our hair surgery specialists for a free hair transplant consultation!

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