What our customers say
about our Clinique du Carré d'Or

Alexandre Durand

Absolutely delighted with the work done for my hair implant! The expert hands of the practitioner and the attention to detail of the entire team made this experience something truly special. It’s incredible to look at oneself in the mirror again and feel complete. A big congratulations to the Clinique du Carré d’Or for their remarkable work.

Guillaume Petit

I was skeptical about getting a beard transplant, but after my session in this charming clinic in Nice, I am converted. The professionalism and gentleness of the staff made the process almost relaxing. And what about the result! My beard now has that dense and neat appearance that I couldn’t achieve naturally.

Lucas Moreau

Nothing is more comforting than being listened to and understood, especially when it concerns something as personal as a hair transplant. The team here in Nice has been amazing, guiding me with patience through each decision. Now that I see the results, I’m convinced I made the right choice. Hats off to these professionals for their exceptional work.

Christophe Lemoine

A big congratulations for the exceptional work done on my hair. For a long time, I was looking for a solution for my thinning hair and the warm welcome, as well as the expertise of this specialized clinic reassured me. The result is astounding and my satisfaction is complete.

Marie-Ange Blanchard

The experience of the eyebrow transplant was revolutionary for me. The personalized approach and the impeccable technique of the practitioner made all the difference. My friends are amazed by the natural-looking result and I am living anew!

Olivier Thomas

It was a delicate decision to go for a hair implant, but the team at this specialized center welcomed me with so much warmth and professionalism that all my apprehensions vanished. The follow-up was impeccable, and I am more than delighted with the results.

Jérôme Bernard

One word: breathtaking! I never would have believed that a beard transplant could have such an impact. The compliments have been pouring in since my visit to this specialist in Nice. Their expertise is undeniable and their approach is extremely reassuring.

Sébastien Caron

The transformation is incredible! After my hair implant at this clinic in Nice, I regained a dense head of hair that redefined my face. The team was attentive and the practitioner worked wonders. It’s a new chapter opening for me.

Antoine Leroux

Finally, a beard worthy of the name! The expertise of the team and their warm welcome made my experience unique. Today, I look at my full beard with great pride and unmatched satisfaction.

Isabelle Morel

The compliments have been flying since I had my eyebrows redesigned here! The result is so natural, delicate, just as I had imagined. I am really impressed by the precision of the work and the kindness of the team. It was an enlightening experience that restored my confidence in my appearance. Sophie Laurent

Marc Dupuy

The decision to get a beard implant had been on my mind for a long time, and it was this wonderful team that convinced me to take the plunge. Throughout the process, I was treated with respect and professionalism. Now, I enjoy a full beard that has definitely changed my style.

Emilie Renaud

I found my happiness for an eyebrow transplant in this little corner of paradise in Nice. The attention the specialist paid to my wishes was exemplary, and the post-operative follow-up was reassuring. I am more than satisfied with the result that has beautified my look in such a subtle and natural way.

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