The results of an FUE hair transplant carried out in Nice, in the Clinique du Carré d’Or

If you suffer from baldness or alopecia and want to regain full hair, FUE hair transplantation is the only truly effective method. Carried out by an expert practitioner, this technique offers definitive results that are simply exceptional. This is a treatment carried out on an outpatient basis, non-invasive and non-painful, which perfectly respects the scalp, which causes no visible scars, and allows you to quickly regain quality, full, and natural hair.

The specialization of the Clinique du Carré d’Or, the precise gestures of Doctor Brun, as well as the advanced surgical equipment used, allow our patients who suffer from hair loss to obtain exceptionally supple and silky full hair.

Carried out under local anesthesia, a FUE Saphir hair transplant is a revolutionary hair solution that promotes hair regrowth from the 4th month and allows you to observe the first signs of success of the transplant from 6 months. You will be able to enjoy the final results and quality hair approximately 9 months after the procedure.

If you want to return to a normal life without complexes, do not hesitate to contact the Clinique du Carré d’Or in Nice; The mastery and expertise of Doctor Brun will allow you to obtain permanent results and remarkably natural hair.

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