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Or have a hair transplant:
choose the right aesthetic clinic

Are you planning to put an end to complex baldness, but want to make no mistake and choose an aesthetic clinic that guarantees effective and natural results? Here are some tips for deciding where to have your hair transplant done.

You should know that the success of hair implantation depends on the doctor who operates. In many aesthetic clinics, it is complicated to know in advance who will operate on you, yet the results do indeed depend on the technical expertise of the practitioner and his mastery of different hair types.

This is why it is important to choose an aesthetic clinic that carries out a personalized diagnosis before any hair transplant. Choosing an establishment that neglects this step should be avoided, in order to protect yourself from an irreparable hair disaster.

You should know that in France and abroad, many unscrupulous establishments do not hesitate to sacrifice this expertise, with the aim of offering prices that defy all competition. This “price war” policy is detrimental to results and exposes patients to irreversible risks (damage to the capital of your donor area). The ISHRS (International Association of Hair Restoration Surgery), denounces low-cost hair implants and the “miracle” practices of certain countries which are responsible for failed hair transplants with serious psychological consequences.

At the Le Carré d’Or Clinic in Nice, Doctor Brun, who holds a European inter-university diploma in the treatment of baldness, has real expertise in various hair, beard, and eyebrow transplant techniques.

Extremely conscientious and with advanced technological equipment, he performs hair transplants whose hair transplantation procedure fully complies with various international standards and requirements.

So if you are wondering where to get a hair transplant in the South of France, the Carré d’Or Aesthetic Clinic has real expertise in hair restoration and correction of failed hair transplants.

Book an appointment with our hair surgery specialists for a free hair transplant consultation!


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