Is there a risk of side effects from an FUE hair transplant?

Although an FUE hair transplant is carried out in outpatient mode and under simple local anesthesia; As with any medical procedure, there are some risks of post-operative side effects to hair restoration.

Quality pre- and post-operative consultations are therefore essential to personally monitor each patient and protect them from any side effects.

Indeed, an FUE hair transplant may, in certain cases, present a risk of weakening of the natural hair, itching, the appearance of scabs, temporary hair loss, etc.

To avoid any unexpected effects, it is therefore essential to consult a reputable doctor and expert in hair transplantation. Its mastery of different hair typologies not only makes it possible to define a suitable hair implant technique, but it also aims to detect any complications and implement a protocol that is specific to the patient.

Nowadays, an FUE hair transplant is a benign and common procedure, but that does not mean that it does not require perfect expertise and tailor-made support.

Within the Le Carré d’Or aesthetic clinic in Nice, the expertise and various recognized know-how of Doctor Brun make it possible to limit any risk of side effects of an FUE hair transplant.

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