Hair transplantation using the FUE, CHOÏ INSERTERS, or FUE Saphir technique: what are the differences?

As many men as women are affected by hair loss, baldness, and alopecia, to combat these problems and allow hair regrowth, there are several hair transplant techniques that Clinique du Carré d’Or masters perfectly: classic FUE, CHOÏ INSERTERS, and FUE SAPHIR.

Regardless of the FUE grafting technique chosen, the principle is always the same. This involves taking grafts from the back of the head (the area where hair never falls) under local anesthesia and re-implanting them in bald or sparse areas.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which is the most widespread method of hair transplantation, consists of using a small surgical drill to make incisions of 1 to 0.7 mm in diameter in order not only to take the grafts from the donor area but also to re-implant them in the bald recipient area.

For many years before favoring the FUE Saphir technique, Clinique du Carré d’Or performed hair transplants with a CHOÏ implanter pen.

The CHOÏ inserters method, which is an evolved form of the classic FUE technique, has accelerated healing and produced a perfectly natural and dense result. The procedure for this technique consists of creating channels with the CHOÏ implanter pen, in order to manually extract the hair follicles one by one and re-implant the grafts without any incision.

The Saphir FUE technique is an extremely precise micro hair transplant technique that allows the surgeon to perform a hair transplant no longer with a surgical drill, but using a Saphir blade. This innovative surgical equipment not only aims to make extremely fine micro incisions, but it also maximizes the density of the hair and reduces healing time.

Nowadays, Clinique du Carré d’Or favors, within his aesthetic clinic based in Nice, the FUE Saphir hair transplant technique, which allows his patients to regain hair and dense and particularly natural hair.

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